What makes Transporteca different

Why Transporteca?

Transporteca is founded by experienced executives from A.P. Møller – Maersk, and our goal is to significantly improve the experience for companies in search of transport solutions.

At Transporteca, we believe it should be simple, swift, and straightforward to book international freight online. Other industries are already far ahead in developing online portals that benefit both buyers and sellers greatly. And why should it be any different for the shipping and logistics industry?

When faced with a transport need, there are often a wide variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for import or export, sea or air freight, road transport or courier services, we want to illustrate these options for our customers and make sure that you are able to book whatever transport service that matches your specific needs – swift and easy! In this way, we hope to make it much easier for small and medium-sized businesses to conduct international trade, and at the same time make it more attractive for freight forwarders to service them.

As you complete your transport booking, we immediately undertake all communication – as well as problem solving if necessary – with everyone involved from the booking is made until delivery takes place. This is possible because our technology has systemized all aspects of the transport process. You can expect attentive customer support and ongoing monitoring of your shipment, which is a rare service when you deal with the traditional freight forwarder – and in any case, a service that is traditionally available only to the biggest customers on the market. Because we use technology much more efficiently, we have the opportunity to offer the best service to all our customers – even those with a much smaller transport budget.

Below we have listed the main advantages of booking your transport with Transporteca.

Always all-in prices!

Are you also struggling to figure out your transport costs? We can understand why. In the transport industry, there is an endless number of surcharges that all too often cause confusion, uncertainty and frustration for the transport buyers. To get your head around the offers and invoices you receive from your freight forwarder can be a major challenge. We want to change that.

At Transporteca you get one price only, which includes all costs associated with your transport. We gather all your expenses, so you instantly know the total cost of your transport – and more importantly, you avoid the surprise of unexpected expenses.

However, do note that there may be additional costs associated with your import that have no relation to the actual transport. Import duty and excise duty must be settled separately and directly with HMRC.

2. Access to competent and empathetic customer support

We ensure valuable and timely communication by chat, phone and email.

Transporteca’s support team takes ownership of every single one of our transport bookings, as it is very important to us that none of our customers feel overlooked. We proactively follow up on your shipment and continuously keep you updated on your expected delivery and any other relevant changes.

This is possible because we have developed an efficient and targeted technology specifically for this customer segment. The technology helps us keep track of all the steps in the transport process and ensures that important information is not lost along the way.

Unfortunately, we often see that the ’old school’ transport industry has an expectation that all transport buyers are fully acquainted with the transport process and the terms used. It can seem discouraging and frustrating and even result in tiresome issues, if you, as a new transport buyer, are unfamiliar with the many aspects of international trade and shipping.

We take care of everything practical and coordinate with all stakeholders in the transport chain. With extensive experience in the transport industry, we help you understand what is right and what is rotten, and if the need arises, we deal with freight forwarders and subcontractors on your behalf.

See our contact details and opening hours here.

3. Book your transport as you book a plane ticket: Simple and fast

Since day one, the dream has been to make it as easy for smaller companies and non-professionals to book international freight as it is to book a plane ticket.

We want everyone – regardless of your company’s size or your level of experience with international transport – to be able to book transport via Transporteca’s website. Times are changing and it is no longer a prerequisite that you are a professional transport buyer with a big company and large transport budgets to support you.

That’s why we offer a portal that instantly gives you an overview of all the possible modes of transport, and then lets you book and pay for the solution that meets your specific transport needs – swift and easy and everything directly online.

Our technology gives you transparency in the market, keeps track of all aspects of the transport process, and guides you through your transport booking.

4. Free cancellation – and changes at no extra cost

You are free from costly fees and do not have to pay to cancel or change a booking as long as the actual transport has not yet been set in motion.

When you use Transporteca’s services, we guarantee that you can cancel, postpone or change your transport booking at no extra cost – right up to the day before pickup.

If you choose to cancel your transport booking no later than the day before, you will receive a full refund. Also, If you need to make changes to your booking, we are happy to update your booking details and either refund or charge the difference – completely free of charge.

5. Price guarantee: No unexpected costs

No more unexpected extra costs!

When you book the correct volume and weight at Transporteca, we guarantee that you are free from unpleasant surprises in the shape of unexpected fees and other extra costs.

Unfortunately, in the transport industry, extra costs tends to be the rule rather than the exception. Many freight forwarders are far too generous when it comes to forwarding additional – and often unwarranted – costs your way, and they often get away with it because they are in a position to refuse to deliver your cargo if they do not receive their payment.

At Transporteca, we want it to be fair. We do not automatically accept to bear all extra costs, even though we promise price guarantee. But we deal with each additional cost individually and carefully assess who is the rightful receiver – the freight forwarder, us, or our customer. If we or the freight forwarder are at fault for the extra cost, then we either pay the cost ourselves or deal with the freight forwarder on your behalf – without troubling you with the details.

If, on the other hand, we assess that you (the transport buyer) are responsible for the extra invoice, we will present it to you immediately, together with a detailed argumentation and documentation. This way you are ensured full transparency.

In such a situation, it is important to us that extra costs are legitimate, justified and communicated in a timely manner. Of course, there will always be customers who still do not want to accept an extra cost, but it is our experience that the vast majority of people show acceptance and understanding, as long as the background is fair and clearly communicated. Customers are rarely surprised when they have to pay an additional cost for their transport if the cargo, for instance, is 2 cubic meters instead of 1.

6. Strong cooperation with the best transport providers in the industry

Your transport is carried out by the best in the market.

We regularly search the market for the best transport solutions and only cooperate with the best transport companies on each trade. In this way, we are not tied to the same freight forwarder on different shipments, and you can benefit from the freight forwarders’ individual strengths on various routes and modes of transport.

We actively use the feedback we receive from our customers and continuously evaluate and update our services. Through many years of experience, Transporteca has established a large network of competent transport providers. Therefore, we do not only save you time searching the market, we also ensure that your goods are transported by the best provider at the best price on your particular route.

If you order online, you are thus ensured that the freight forwarder or haulier is screened in advance and the best to solve your transport needs.

We have proven our existence since 2012 and the reviews speak for themselves. Now we just hope that our contribution to the digital development and transparency in the transport industry will get even more transport buyers and transport sellers online. In any case, we have no doubt that the future is digital – even when it comes to buying and selling international transport. And we are proud to be part of the journey.

We look forward to helping you with your transportation needs!

Team Transporteca