Transporteca Limited is founded by executives from the logistics industry with the aim of improving the buying experience for businesses looking for transportation solutions.

“We want to make it easier for small businesses to do international trade, and more interesting for freight forwarders to serve them”

Morten Laerkholm
, Founder & CEO

Transportation solutions differ on many parameters, such as timing, price, service, transit time and forwarder’s proximity to shipper and consignee.

The vision is to offer a web portal where customers quickly can get an overview of all the transportation solutions available, and make a selection matching their specific requirements. In addition, once the best solution has been identified, it must be quick and easy to place and pay for the booking.

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From the forwarders perspective, the portal must offer an opportunity to promote services and reach a wide customer base. In addition, it must assist in getting complete and accurate information in order to handle the booking effectively.

Finally, the price for the service should be agreed and settled up front in order to ensure the customer that there are no surprises and the forwarder that they can pay their subcontractors with limited financial risk.

“When we saw how other industries develop online business portals benefitting both buyers and sellers, we thought it must be possible to do the same when it comes to shipping and logistics. Small shipments seemed to be a good starting point, as that is where the potential is greatest for both shippers and forwarders.”

Morten Laerkholm, Founder & CEO