3 how-to tips

Import from China

Import from China does not need to be complicated. It’s important to consider a shipping solution and freight company before you order so that you avoid unpleasant surprises and the risk of delays. In this article we will give you 3 tips on importing from China.

1. Sea freight or air freight from China?

The 3 primary differences between sea freight and air freight are speed, cost and the effect these modes of transport have on the environment.

From door-to-door import you can expect an import from China to take 35-40 days by sea freight and up to 10 days by air freight.

If you import by air freight, the price is calculated based on the weight of your shipment. If you use sea freight, the price is calculated by volume (cubic meters). If, for instance, you have one shipment of 500 kilograms that fills 3 cubic meters, you can expect that the air cargo will be 10-15 times more expensive than sea freight.

sea freight air freight

The environment is affected differently depending on your use of sea freight or air freight. For example, 200 kg freight transported from China to the United Kingdom will impact the environment roughly 20 times more when sent by air rather than by sea.

2. Who should you choose?

Once you have decided your transportation mode, the next step is to select who should be in charge of your shipping option. At this stage it is important to consider the price and quality of your options.

Many freight forwarders offer shipping from China, but there may be large differences in freight costs. It can be difficult to find a complete price, which is why many people are disappointed by unexpected costs before they get their goods. In order to compare prices it is important to get an all-in price, with a guarantee of no further costs.

import from china tips

It is not always advisable to rely on the forwarder to assess the quality of the service they provide. We recommend inspecting how other customers have rated their experience for a more accurate perspective.

When you trade with foreign countries, you should be aware that there are different rules for trading within EU countries and countries outside the EU (third countries). You should also be aware that the import and export of certain goods might require special clearances.

3. What should you be aware of?

It can be tempting to let the manufacturer handle the shipping from China to the United Kingdom. The problem with this solution is that there often are unexpected costs that you may incur before your goods are delivered, and these costs often exceed the freight costs.

Our recommendation is to buy freight from China under either FOB or EXW terms and conditions. If you want to be sure to avoid unexpected costs in the United Kingdom, be sure to get an all-in price.

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Freight forwarders often give transit times for delivery to the nearest port, rather than the final destination. Thus, many people are disappointed when they find out that their cargo has been delivered later than expected, as customs clearance and delivery takes additional time.

Freight from China with Transporteca

On the portal you can compare and book freight solutions from China. We show only all-inclusive prices. We also offer a price guarantee so you are not risking unexpected costs.

The transit times you find on Transporteca are calculated through to delivery at your door, including customs clearance. This means you are provided with a delivery date you can count on. We have screened all forwarding agents offering freight from China, so we are confident you will receive good service. On Transporteca you can order immediately. This means the freight company can start working on your delivery immediately, thereby minimising the risk of your goods being delayed.

What do customers say?

When MOD wanted to import 350 suits from South China, they ordered transport on Transporteca. Robert Esterajher, Co-founder of MOD, said:

“When we were looking at Transporteca, we got a price that was 30% below what we used to pay. The team behind Transporteca has great knowledge of China, so we felt we were in safe hands. Now we use Transporteca every time we import from China. “