Direct transport within the EU

Transport of art

Transporting art pieces, exhibit items, or other fragile effects requires a lot of experience and great caution. Transporteca’s drivers are specialists in international transport of fine arts as well as professionals in handling art and other fragile and delicate items.

Transport of art does not have to be difficult. If you are able to pack your art pieces securely for transport, then Transporteca can offer several years of experience, good customer service, real-time tracking, and last but not least, we guarantee no reloading of your goods, which is a vital prerequisite for your goods to arrive safely at the requested destination. We know this based on years of experience, that shows that the vast majority of damages occur during transshipments, where goods are often subject to rough handling.

Pickup and delivery with Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service

Pickup and delivery of your art pieces take place at the curb – also known as a ‘curb-to-curb’ service. Thus, it is your responsibility to have your art pieces ready at the curb when Transporteca’s driver arrives at your address. This also entails that you or the shipper are present at pickup and that your art is securely packed for transport. Moreover, it is necessary that you or the respective recipient are present at delivery since you are responsible for getting your art carried inside. Help to carry your goods out/in/up/down is available at an additional cost. However, this must be booked and paid for in advance, so it can be taken into account when planning the driver’s schedule.

Time slots for pickup and delivery

When you send through your transport inquiry via our website dedicated to transport of art, our support team will return with a quote and an expected three-day time slot for pickup and delivery. Please note that we are not able to give you the exact pickup date several weeks in advance, as each route is planned and adjusted based on the transport bookings we receive.

As the transport approaches, small adjustments can, therefore, occur if we get more or fewer bookings than expected, or if the route ends up being longer or shorter than first assumed. We make sure to continuously keep you updated on any changes.

transport of art

The closer we get to pick up, the more precisely we can specify the day and time for pickup. We strive to provide you with a two-hour time slot for pickup no later than the day before.

We also wish to point out that unforeseen incidents out of the driver’s control can occur, which may cause delays in the timetable. These are factors such as queues on the highway, a punctured tire, traffic accidents and bad weather conditions. However, we always make sure to calculate extra time into our routes so as to accommodate any delays.

Pack your art securely for transport

Especially for this type of transport that has to do with fine arts and other fragile effects, it is very important that your art pieces are packed securely for transport.

The requirements for packing vary depending on the type of art and how fragile it is. Art that is heavy and sturdy, such as pillars, chests and solid, antique furniture can more easily withstand the turning and braking of a long transport, why packing requirements are less strict.

However, packing requirements for fragile and delicate art pieces, such as paintings, handicrafts, glass, lamps and brittle sculptures must be packed carefully. Items that are not packed and protected properly for transport will undoubtedly be very vulnerable and exposed to an increased risk of damages during long transport.

Therefore, please remember to pack your art securely for transport – especially when you are transporting valuable and fragile items. For instance, you can make or buy a crate (wooden box) for protection, or pack your art in towels, sheets, bubble wrap, cardboard, blankets, pillows or the like. Based on your specific shipment you must assess which type of packaging serves your art the best protection.

transport of art

Regardless of your specific transport need, we look forward to assisting you with your shipment. When your art pieces are packed securely for transport, Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service is the best way to reach your destination safely, primarily because:

  • We guarantee no reloading during transit: Your art pieces are picked up and delivered on the same van.
  • We have a lot of experience in handling art pieces and other fragile effects.
  • We manage our own vans and our drivers work exclusively for Transporteca.
  • We calculate extra time in our time schedules – both to accommodate delays, but also to ensure that our drivers have the best working conditions.

Because it is your responsibility to prepare and pack your art securely for transport, Transporteca can offer a significantly cheaper price than the traditional moving companies, as they often charge large amounts to handle packaging of your effects on your behalf.

If you would like to know more about our “Direct Van” transport service, or if you have questions regarding a specific art transport, you are more than welcome to contact our customer support team.

Transport of art price examples

Below we have listed a couple of price examples of transporting art:

Transport of a painting from Copenhagen to London (785 miles – 0.25 m³ – 7 kg) GBP 167 incl. VAT
Transport of three sculptures from Manchester to Madrid (1,287 miles – 2.5 m³ – 117 kg) GBP 616 incl. VAT
Transport of an art exhibition from Brighton to Paris (313 miles – 9.3 m³ – 334 kg) GBP 998 incl. VAT

transport af kunst

Transporteca transports most items in the art category, for example:

  • Paintings
  • Vases
  • Ceramics and other handicrafts
  • Sculptures and statues
  • Antique furniture
  • Lamps
  • Pillars
  • Exhibitions

Are you looking for a price for transporting art? First, you choose whether you should have transported art in as a company or private person:

Companies are characterized by being VAT registered and open for pickup and delivery during normal working hours.

You will then be automatically sent to the correct page where you can enter what you need to have transported. We will send you a non-binding offer, usually within minutes, but in a few cases it takes up to a weekday.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need help filling out the screen, please contact our customer support team by chat, phone or mail.

Transport insurance: Get the best coverage!

Transporteca always recommends that you purchase a transport insurance – and especially when it comes to the transport of art. This is, among other things, due to artworks’ often high value. With transport insurance, you are guaranteed full compensation in case of damage or loss.

On the contrary, if you are not covered by transport insurance, you are only entitled to a very limited compensation should anything happen to your shipment. This is due to the carriers’ limited liability, which is specified in the CMR convention concerning freight agreements for international road transport. Thus, you undoubtedly get the best coverage when you purchase transport insurance.

This is easily done when you finalize your transport booking on Transporteca’s website. You simply specify the value of your art directly on the site, after which the system will calculate your insurance price.

Follow the link to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a transport insurance.

transport af kunst

Transport of art with Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service

In need of a direct transport service within the EU? Transporteca offers professional transport of art with a focus on transport safety. Visit our website dedicated to transport of art, fill in your details and receive a non-binding transport offer.

Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service operates within Europe and can handle most types of art, as long as they to not exceed the van’s dimensions or weight limitations, or is detrimental to the van or the driver. For more information on the transport process, have a look at our post on Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service.

You book and pay directly online, and when the transport approaches, our dedicated customer support team will contact you with information on estimated time slots for pickup and delivery.

We look forward to hearing from you.