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Shipping to Germany

Shipping to Germany is so popular as Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is a trade powerhouse. Germany is also one of the most popular trading partners within the EU for importing and exporting of goods.

1. Transport

There are a few options for transporting your goods to Germany from the UK. The majority of the goods that are sent from the UK to Germany are transported by road, as this is the most cost-effective solution.

If your goods are small and can be packed into parcels, it is possible to send them by courier service. This can be a faster option if you are trying to get your goods shipped quickly.

2. Travel Time

Travel times to Germany can vary depending on the size of your goods, the transport solution you choose, as well as the place in Germany that you are shipping to.

Generally, courier services can take between 3-5 days, whereas using a trucking company can take between 6-10 days. It is also important to factor in time that your goods might spend in a distribution centre.

shipping to germany from uk

3. VAT and Taxes

When exporting goods for business purposes to Germany, it is important to establish that the person on the receiving end of the transaction in Germany pays the VAT. You do not need to pay VAT on items being sent to Germany; instead it is the recipient who will pay the VAT.

If you are exporting goods to Germany, it is important that you are VAT registered and that you record the export on your VAT return. Ensure that the recipient of the goods in Germany gives you their VAT registration number for your VAT return.

If the recipient of the goods is not VAT registered, you will be required to pay the UK rate of VAT on any goods being sent out. For exceptions to this rule, see the HMRC website for more information.

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There is free movement of goods within EU countries which means that you should not have to pay any taxes or duties on your export from the UK to Germany.

Note: Due to the recent Brexit vote in the UK, the tax and customs regulations may change. At the moment, however, there are no changes and there is still a free movement of goods between the UK and the EU. We will update our site in the event of any alterations to import or export duties to and from the UK as they occur.

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