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Shipping to Australia

Shipping to Australia from the United Kingdom is quite popular since the UK and Australia have always had a close relationship. Nowadays, many Brits call Australia home and many Aussies have moved over to the UK in what has increasingly become a rite of passage. The distance between the two countries can complicate the moving process, however there are 4 easy tips to help you ship to Australia.

1. Shipping Personal Belongings

If you are sending personal belongings to Australia, there are a number of conditions that you have to meet to be exempt from paying any duty or Goods and Service Tax (GST). Luggage shipments that are imported into Australia are referred to as Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPEs).

You need to…

– have owned the goods for at least 12 months prior to entering Australia
– intend to arrive or have already entered Australia, and
– be a permanent resident of Australia or a first time migrant taking up permanent residency.

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There are limitations to what can be classified as a UPE and some items cannot be sent under a UPE status. More information can be found at UPE guidelines.

If you are sending a gift to Australia, it cannot be defined as personal effects. This means that the recipient of the gift in Australia will need to pay for the cost of any duties or taxes for the gift to be cleared through customs.

Read more about Shipping Documentation here.

2. Customs Invoices, Import Duties and Taxes

If you plan to send goods to Australia you will need to send a customs invoice with your package, irrespective of whether they are a gift, personal effects or any other item. Australian Customs use the customs invoice to determine any taxes that may be applicable to the items being imported. These charges are applied by the Australian government and must be paid if you want to import into Australia.

Depending on the value of the goods you are importing, the reason for the import as well as the nature of the goods themselves, different taxes and duties may be applicable. Similarly to the UK, goods have tariff classifications, which determine the duty and tax due. It may benefit you to check the tariff classification of your goods to ensure you are being charged the right tax.

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3. Restricted Imports and Customs

There are a number of restricted and prohibited goods that either cannot be imported into Australia under any condition, or otherwise need written permission to be imported. Find the full list at Prohibited and Restricted Imports.

As Australia has strict customs and quarantine standards, it is important that you provide all the correct and necessary documentation to prevent any delays to your goods being delivered or any extra costs that may occur should your goods need to be inspected and treated.

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4. Time and Money

Whilst the distance to Australia can seem intimidating, the transport time and cost of sending your goods does not have to be.

The best options for sending your goods will depend on the size and the nature of them. The fastest option for smaller goods is via courier service with a travel time of between 3-6 working days. Alternatively, for larger shipments, sea freight is the cheapest option, though will take approximately 60 days to arrive.

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