"Direct Van" within the EU

Motorcycle transport

Going on a motorcycle holiday in Italy? Need transport of a newly acquired motorcycle from Germany? Shipping a motorcycle to a race in Austria? Or maybe you need to deliver a motorcycle to a customer in France? Several occasions call for a motorcycle transport, but regardless of your specific needs, it is important that you find a reliable transport service with great experience in transporting motorcycles.

Transporteca has a lot of experience in transporting motorcycles across Europe, and with our “Direct Van” service, we can guarantee that your motorcycle will not be reloaded during transit. Your motorcycle is picked up and delivered on the same van, which minimizes the risk of damage. Our dedicated support team follows your shipment in real-time, and they are ready with updates in case the timetable changes.

Professional transport of motorcycles from pickup to delivery

Transporteca handles both pickup and delivery of motorcycles, and we have the necessary vehicles and employees to deliver a safe and professional transport – always without reloading of your goods. We transport motorcycles for both private customers and businesses, and we can transport both one or more motorcycles at a time. Pickup and delivery takes place at the curb, thus leaving it up to you to have the motorcycle ready at the curb upon pickup as well as making sure that there is a representative present for both pickup and delivery.

motorcycle transport

Transit times

Transporteca’s vans run throughout the EU and the routes are planned from trip to trip based on the transport bookings we receive. This means that transit times will vary from customer to customer and from trip to trip. A ‘round trip’ in the EU is expected to take approximately 18 days, hence it is not a traditional express service like we know it from the courier companies. The delivery time will, among other things, depend on the specific route, including the length of the route, how many stops are planned, when the motorcycle is ready for pickup in relation to the current route, and the distance the motorcycle needs to be transported.

You can search for transport quotes on Transporteca’s website at any time. Along with your transport offer you will receive a proposal for a trip with available space for your motorcycle, including expected pickup and delivery date, after which you can decide whether the motorcycle transport is relevant to you. If the transport suits you, simply confirm and pay the transport booking directly online.

Time slots for pickup and delivery

When the transport approaches, you will receive an expected time slot of two hours for pickup and delivery. We do our very best to provide time slots as soon as possible, giving you have the best conditions to plan your day accordingly.

We understand and are very aware of the frustrations delay may cause. We therefore include extra time in the route plans, in order to mitigate delays. This also helps us prevent delay in case of unforeseen challenges such as:

  • Traffic congestions
  • Punctured tires
  • Road accidents
  • Last minute bookings or cancellations affecting the planned route
  • Customers who are not home at the agreed time

If the schedule is affected anyway by any of the above factors or the like, we will contact you immediately and keep you updated on your motorcycle collection and delivery windows.

If you have received your expected time slot for pickup several weeks in advance, you must be prepared for minor changes as the transport approaches.

motorcycle transport

Requirements for packaging

Transporteca has no (real) requirements for packaging when it comes to motorcycles, but we always recommend that you or the shipper ensure that the motorcycle is well-protected for transport. In other words, it is a good idea to have a couple of blankets, towels or other protection ready to protect the motorcycle from scratches. The van driver, of course, ensures that the motorcycle is securely fastened in the van and carries blankets for protection as well. But we prefer to have an extra blanket rather than being one short.

The motorcycle is loaded into the back of the van by means of a loading ramp, and when steadily on board it is securely fastened with straps. The loading ramp is used again when the motorcycle is to be unloaded upon delivery.

Please make sure the motorcycle tank is emptied of gasoline upon collection.

Transport prices

The price of transporting motorcycles is calculated on the basis of the following four factors:

  • The volume: the size of the motorcycle
  • Weight: the weight of the motorcycle
  • Distance: how far the motorcycle needs to be transported
  • The route: if pickup and delivery of the motorcycle lies outside the “standard route”, this will affect the price

Motorcycle transport price examples

Yamaha XJ6 motorcycle (2,8 m3, 182 kg) from Venice, Italy to Manchester (1.034 miles) – GBP 608 incl. VAT
Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle (3,2 m3, 215 kg) from til Malaga, Spanien to London (1.229 miles) – GBP 741 incl. VAT
Harley-Davidson Road Glide motorcycle (5,5 m3, 425 kg) from Liverpool to Charlottenlund, Denmark (863 miles) – GBP 967 incl. VAT

Looking to transport one or more motorcycles across the EU? Get your quotes here!

transport af motorcykler

Transport insurance

If you are not already covered by a transport insurance, Transporteca always recommends that you add a transport insurance when you book your motorcycle transport. This will ensure you full compensation if your shipment is damaged or lost during transport. Transporteca offers a transport insurance with First Marine: A company specialized in transport-related insurance cases. If you decide not to purchase a  transport insurance, please be aware that you may not be fully covered in the unlikely event of loss or damage. Read more about transport insurance here.

Book your motorcycle transport with Transporteca

Transporteca offers a “Direct Van” service for transporting motorcycles – this means no reloading of your goods. We guarantee that all motorcycles are picked up and delivered on the same van. You see, it is our firm belief that this reduces the risk of damage and loss, why Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service is a particularly good solution for transporting motorcycles.

For more information, we refer to our article on Transporteca’s “Direct Van” service. Happy reading!

When making a transport query via Transporteca’s booking portal, simply fill out the form with the pickup and delivery address as well as the size of the motorcycle you want transported. Depending on the specific request you will either get the price immediately or receive an offer by mail within one working day.

We look forward to hearing from you.