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Import from Poland

To import from Poland on Transporteca, you can search the prices for your shipping online, easily and conveniently, when it suits you. Should you not find your price online, Transporteca will send you a price within 24 hours. Transporteca’s shipping prices from Poland include everything from collection at your supplier’s address, to delivery at your address – there will be no extra costs.

1. Transporting Pallets

Importing from Poland will typically be done by road freight. Transport from Poland on the road can take place with several different kinds of trucks, depending on the type of goods they should carry. The most typical is a semi-trailer truck, which you will recognise as the ordinary truck on the highway with tarpaulin. In such a truck has room for 33 European pallets.

When you order cargo from Poland it is important to know how many pallets your supplier has packed your items on, and how high the packed pallet is. A European pallet has bottom Goals 120cm x 80cm.

If you need to find out how many cubic meters your pallet with a height of 180cm fills, you will find it by multiplying length x width x height – here 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.8 = 1.728 cubic metres.

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2. Transporting Parcels

Freight from Poland can also be in the form of parcel transport, where you have small or smaller packages that are not packaged on pallets. In this case, you can use a courier service – such as TNT, UPS and DHL.

Your package will be picked up by a local trucking company from your supplier’s address and then, along with many other packages from Poland to the UK, packed on a truck in the courier company’s Polish distribution centre. When the truck arrives in the UK, your packages will be delivered from the UK distribution centre directly to your address.

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3. Time and Tax

Typically, the travel time for freight from Poland to the UK will depending on the method of transport you decide to use. Courier services tend to take approximately 2-4 days, whereas road freight can take 4-6 days. You should also factor in any time that your goods may need to spend in a distribution centre.

As Poland is part of the EU, there is free trade between Poland and the UK. This may change since the Brexit vote in June of this year, however at this stage there is still no customs clearance that needs to be paid when transporting to the UK.

On Transporteca you can compare the price of sending pallets and parcels for your shipment from Poland to the UK. You can compare prices, transit times and then book a transport solution that suits your needs. Our services from Poland to the UK are provided by reliable freight forwarders. Get in touch with us if you would like us to help with your transport.

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