1. Shipping Options on import from Ireland

When you need to have goods transported from Ireland to the UK, the general rules for trade with other EU countries apply. The goods can move freely between countries, and there is, therefore, no special rules or exceptions that take effect here.

The transport from Ireland can take place with both aircraft, ship, train and truck, and therefore it may be a little hard to see through the many options and prices that vary depending on the mode of transport.

Often the choice of shipping method depends on the product to be transported, but a good consideration regardless of the product type, is how quickly you need you goods to be delivered.

The quickest option is to transport with a courier service, however, this method may be more expensive. Sending your goods by truck can be a cheaper option if it is not urgent. It may therefore be a good investment plan cargo well in advance, if possible.

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2. Who should carry?

Another important consideration to make when you are transporting your goods from Ireland is to find out who will be responsible for the freight.

There are many companies that offer to transport cargo from Ireland to the UK. If you buy the freight from a shipper, the goods are either moved on the carrier’s own vehicles or by a haulier who is hired by the freight forwarder. In this way, you get the freight forwarder’s service and the benefits that the freight forwarder has negotiated with the carrier.

Another solution is unorganised transport – also known as ‘a man with a van’. This is basically a person who has a van and offers to take your goods on their next trip from Ireland. It is a tempting solution because you can often get offered very low rates – but you should be aware that they often come with extra unexpected expenses, such as ferry tickets or fuel. At the same time, you’re most likely not covered if something goes wrong.

Before choosing, it may be a good idea to make an assessment based on various prices from shippers. When you look at how much of the price actually goes to shipping, you can get a sense of whether it can be done cheaper and you can assess whether the price can match your real profits from importing your goods. Therefore, spend some time studying the market before you begin.

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3. Control of VAT and customs?

When you buy goods within the EU, you do not pay customs. In return, you must be aware of the VAT when you ordered your goods from the supplier in Ireland.

As import business do not pay the Irish VAT (Value Added Tax), and to ensure that does not happen, you must state your tax number to the Irish supplier. So you have to be VAT registered and have a VAT number to import goods.

Check the invoice you have been given, and if there has mistakenly been Irish VAT added, you can apply to have it repaid by HMRC.

Once the goods have been purchased, you must calculate and set the UK VAT on the VAT return and impose VAT on the resale of your products in the UK. Also, when shipping within the EU, you must pay VAT on the transport itself.

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