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Freight from China for less than EUR 300

It doesn’t have to be expensive to get freight from China home – you can get packages, pallets, and LCL shipped from China for less than EUR 300

Cheap transport of freight from China

Whether you are shipping a testsample or having a larger shipment of freight from China sent, it can be done at a reasonable price. This article focuses on 3 different types of freight transport: packages, pallets, and break bulk shipments.

In all 3 instances it is always a good idea to send the invoice and the HS code (find your HS code here) to the freight forwarder after you have ordered the transport so everything is ready for customs clearance when your goods arrive.

The price for these types of shipping depends on the volume of the goods, how much it weighs, and fast you need it. Let’s begin with the smaller items on the list.


If your products does not weigh much, or if you are shipping a small test sample, your best option might be to use a courier when shipping from China. This type of service is a ‘door-to-door’ service via air, which means that the courier picks up your goods at your supplier and transports it all the way to the address of your choice.

freight from china

A courier shipment from China to Europe usually takes 6-8 days and the shipment can be tracked via a tracking number issued by the courier. When using a courier company you therefore get your goods home quite quickly and you are able to track the shipment the entire way. If you are shipping a test sample you are therefore able to quickly decide if you are satisfied with the service for when you are shipping your entire order.

Price examples

Shanghai – Liverpool
1 package / 20x20x20 cm / 4 kg
EUR 289

Shenzhen – London
4 packages / 20x20x20 cm / 5 kg
EUR 300

Ningbo – Southhampton
1 package / 50x50x50 cm / 20 kg
EUR 300

Break bulk

The starting cost when using sea freight from China is often a bit higher than when you use a courier. That is why is makes most financial sense to ship few, smaller, and lighter packages with a courier. However, are you shipping just a bit more than a few small items, it is often cheaper to have them sent by sea when compared to a courier. One of the options is therefore to order break bulk sea freight.

Break bulk is a term that covers the shipping of ‘loose’ items, which are not shipped on e.g. a pallet. Break bulk can either be picked up at your supplier when using an EXW agreement or in a port when using a FOB agreement. Thereafter, the goods will be shipped to Europe by sea, the goods will have to clear customs, and after that your goods will be sent to your delivery address. Sea freight from China takes approx. 40-45 days.

As you can see below in the price examples, the more you ship the cheaper (per kg) it gets. There is not much difference in price between a shipment of 0,3 cbm and 100 kg, and a shipment of 1 cbm and 300 kg. This is because of the large start-up costs related to sea freight.

Price examples

Xingang – Manchester (FOB)
0.3 cbm / 100 kg
EUR 326

Shenzhen – Portsmouth (FOB)
1 cbm / 300 kg
EUR 362


Many suppliers in China ship their products on pallets. It is much easier to handle and to transport for the freight forwarder compared to break bulk because you only need a pallet jack in order to move a large amount of goods, which is why it is often cheaper to ship cargo that are on pallets compared to break bulk.

freight from china

A standard Europallet is measuring 120×80 cm and a maximum hight of 180 cm, while a half pallet is 60×80 cm and a maximum hight of 90 cm.

Except for the easier way of handling pallets compared to break bulk, the same process of shipping applies. It is possible to ship a half pallet of freight from China home for less than EUR 200, but in many cases it pays to opt for an entire pallet as the price examples below will show.

Price examples

Shenzhen – Liverpool (FOB)
Half pallet / 60x80x90 cm / 100 kg
EUR 339

Shenzhen – Manchester (FOB)
Euro pallet / 120x80x180 cm / 800 kg
EUR 525

Find freight prices that suit your shipment

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