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Freight from China on Transporteca

Finding the right service of freight from China on Transporteca is easy. Here we explain what happens after you place your booking, and how we use a combination of technology and customer service to ensure that you receive exactly the service you require, hassle-free.

When shipping freight from China on Transporteca, the first step of the shipping process requires that the shipper (seller of the goods) be in contact with the shipping agent in China, to submit a softcopy of the required shipping documents. At the moment you complete your booking of freight from China on Transporteca, the technology automatically sends an email to the shipper, with the Chinese shipping agent in copy, where we include the following information:

Name, email and phone number of shipping agent in China who will be responsible for the operation of your shipment
If we need to arrange for collection of the shipment at the shippers premises (also know as EXW terms), we include the date and time the shipper should plan to have your shipment ready
If the shipment must be handed over by the shipper to the shipping agent, at the shipping agents warehouse (also know as FOB terms or EXW without pickup), we include the warehouse address and date and time by which the goods must be handed over

In addition, we inform the freight forwarder at destination that a booking has been initiated, so they can open their shipping file and start preparing for receiving the shipment.

In the rare case that we do not register a response to our above communication, our technology automatically triggers an initial reminder after 24 hours, and an alarm in our system, enabling us to take direct contact to the shipper and/or the agent in China, to make sure the shipment is not delayed. All this happens automatically, and without your involvement.

Rebooking freight from China on Transporteca at no additional cost in case of delay in production

When importing from China, at times, you may experience that the production is not completed on time or the shipper in some other way delay your shipment. Consequently, the agent in China will not be able to arrange collection or receiving of the shipment on the agreed date.

freight from china on transporteca

Should this happen, the agent in China will follow up with your shipper to get an update on when the cargo will be ready, and your shipment will be rebooked for the next available service, similar to the one your have already booked, at no additional cost. Once the new arrival date is known, you will receive an update directly from the freight forwarder.

Full refund in case of cancellation

Changes happen, and that requires flexibility. In rare cases, you may need to cancel a shipment booked for transportation from China all together. The reason could, for example, be unacceptable delay in production or an unfortunate fall out between you and the seller.

When you book your freight from China on Transporteca, this flexibility is part of the service you buy. Should you decide to cancel your booking, you can do so with a full refund of the shipping cost up to 24 hours before scheduled collection of your cargo. All you need to do is to contact us by chat, phone or write us an email with your cancellation request, and include your booking reference.

For any later cancellation, we do reserve the right to deduct any costs that has already been incurred for your shipment, such as an unsuccessful collection.

Benefits of booking freight from China online

With the technology developed by Transporteca, we are ready to take your booking when it suits you, and when you submit your booking, the shipping process will start without delay.

Often, when booking with an offline forwarder, the shipping process will not start until the booking has been manually handled by the freight forwarders customer service team in your country. With that process, time differences between China and Europe often render a delay of at least 1 day before the shipping process actually begins. When booking online on Transporteca, the shipper and the agent in China is immediately connected, and the shipping process begins.

freight from china

In addition, booking online offers you the same conveniences that we are used to from buying other services online, such as air tickets and insurance. You can compare and find the right service for you, at your pace, and complete your booking when the time is right for you.

Lastly, because we are technology driven at Transporteca, we are able to reduce our marginal cost, and as result, make it not only exciting, but also profitable, to serve every customer well – regardless of size. That is the reason you are always able to reach us for a personal engagement at short notice, on either chat, email of phone.

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We are here, when you need us

If you need help in any part of your shipping process, we are here for you. Contact us by chat or phone if you need an instant response, or send is an email on [email protected] – we aim to respond within a few working hours.