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Cheap shipping

At Transporteca, we can help you find the best cheap shipping options for your goods to be sent to or from abroad. As you may have already experienced, it can be incredibly difficult to get an overview of cheap shipping rates. How can you know if you are getting what you pay for? Can you get good quality and cheap shipping rates at the same time?

What is the best option?

It is important to first figure out what you need for your shipping experience. You will need to ask yourself a few questions before determining the best and most cost effective resolution for your transport needs.

How quickly do I need this transported?
How much am I expecting to spend on my transport?
What is the most efficient transport method for the specific goods I am sending?
What impact on the environment am I willing to accept from my transport

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Once you have established some answers to these questions, your transport choices will be narrowed down and you should be able to find the most effective means of transport for your goods.

For example, your answers to the above questions may be:

I am not in a rush with my shipment
I am looking for a cheap transport solution
I am sending heavy goods
I would like to find a resolution that has minimal negative effect on the environment

If this were the case, then the most effective transport for your goods would be sea freight. Whilst sea freight is not a particularly quick form of transport, it is often the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly way to transport goods. Ships are also able to handle very heavy cargo. However, if you need you goods transported quickly, air freight may be the better option.

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In determining the most cost effective means for transporting your goods, it is important to consider not only the cost of the transport, but also the cost effects of your goods arrive late. Try to look at the costing holistically. You also shouldn’t need to invest an unnecessary amount of time contacting freight forwarders and trying to get a quote. Time is money after all. So using a pricing platform, such as Transporteca, is a time and cost effective solution.

How can Transporteca help?

Transporteca gives you an overview of the transportation options that best suit your load, and the rates and transit times that come with it. Whether the freight is cheap or not, it should be seen in light of the overall cost of transport. This includes the money you have tied along the way, and the potential loss of a sale if you choose a slow transport solution that delays the delivery of your goods. We understand that there are multiple considerations for your shipping needs, and so we provide a solution to compare times and prices so you can compare cheap shipping solutions.

We stand behind the quality of the freight forwarders who sell their services on Transporteca. At the same time we guarantee the listed prices and make sure that there are no unexpected expenses. Cheap shipping and good service can easily come together.