For online bookings

Transporteca's booking terms

When you book transportation services on Transporteca’s portal, you also agree to our booking terms. Read along to learn more.

In addition to the following, Transporteca’s Standard Terms & Conditions apply to all Transporteca’s services.

The price covers the entire transportation as described above, and Transporteca warrants that there will be no further transportation-related costs under the condition that all information in the booking is accurate.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the required export and import licenses are available and valid. Should this not be the case, Transporteca or the forwarder can in certain cases assist. Such assistance, however, is not included in the above price.

You warrant that the goods shipped under this booking are not dangerous goods, temperature controlled goods, or similar, unless specifically and separately agreed by Transporteca.

If you pay by bank transfer, the booking will only be confirmed when Transporteca has received your payment. Should Transporteca not receive your payment on time, your booking will be cancelled and any payment received afterwards will be refunded.

Should you need to amend the booking, please contact Transporteca. This could, however, incur additional costs.

If you need to cancel the booking, you should contact Transporteca directly. A full or partial refund will then be agreed upon.

If you have any questions or are unsatisfied with the service you have received, please contact us directly by chat, phone or e-mail. We are here to help. Our phone number is +44 20 8068 2122 and our e-mail is [email protected]