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Book transportation with Transporteca?

When you have a shipping need, whether it is import or export, containers or cartons, you have a number of options when you have to book transportation with transporteca.

At Transporteca we believe finding and booking transportation should be simple, quick and secure. You: “Yeah…right… That is what every forwarder says – why should I book with Transporteca?” Read on, to learn how we find the best transportation services, making them affordable and ensure that you get the service you need, without any surprises.

Screening the market for the best transportation services

Different forwarders have different strengths. Most forwards’ strengths are developed in accordance with their customers’ needs. So if a forwarder has, for example, a big customer shipping cargo by sea from Bangladesh to Europe, they are likely to offer both a good service and fair rates in that particular trade. This does, however, not mean that the same forwarder is strong in airfreight from Latin America, or road transport to Italy.

At Transporteca, we take pride in screening the market and testing the transportation providers claiming to have strength in each of the trades we offer. The portfolio of freight forwarders and road hauliers on Transporteca is diverse, and each of them has proven to deliver an outstanding service in that exact trade they offer online. We not only save you time in researching the market; we ensure that you always have your cargo shipped by the strongest provider in your exact trade.

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To ensure the providers we use stay on their toes, and continue providing the best service, we use a feedback loop. For each shipment we deliver, we ask you for feedback on the service and the timeliness of the shipment. This feedback is not only shared publicly, it is also carefully analysed here at Transporteca. If we find that a certain transportation provider is not living up to our standards, their services are removed from the portal until such time they can prove that the high standard has been restored.

Ensuring affordable when you book transportation

On Transporteca you find a range of transportation options in each trade, from inexpensive sea freight to fast airfreight, or standard road transport to dedicated express services. This lets you compare prices and find the service matching both your needs and your budget. Our simple service overview ensures the services are comparable; be it on price, transit time or other customers’ ratings.

Improving transportation through technology is our mantra. We bring automation to the industry, and that helps not only transportation buyers, but also transportation service providers. This means that transportation providers have a preference for customers that book transportation on Transporteca, and that they can offer better rates, simply because the bookings and shipments become more effective with good technology.

Get the service you need – no surprises

The team at Transporteca comprises experienced transportation professionals with a long career in the industry, and rookies, who are familiar with the situation of inexperienced transportation buyers – and who just want to make sure our customers have a good experience. What is common for all is that we take ownership and take the time needed, to make sure no customer feels overlooked.

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Neutral mediation between a transportation provider and customer often proves both cost- and time effective. Should a delay or damage occur, we always work towards finding a mutual acceptable solution, for both customer and transportation providers.

A common misconduct in the transportation industry is to charge fees beyond the initial quote before delivering a shipment. By taking payments up front, we are able to do away with this. At Transporteca, the agreement is all-in, and your price guarantee ensures there are no additional unexpected costs.

Let our customers speak to that

We don’t actively collect reviews, but yet, some of our customers leave feedback on public review sites. Check some of them here at trustpilot.

We look forward to caring for your next shipment.

If you have any questions about how we handle your booking or about Transporteca in general, we are always available on chat, phone or e-mail.